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Relocation Services In Valencia

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The prerequisite is that your employer is officially registered beforehand with both the Spanish tax office and the social security . If, for example, your company sends you to work in Spain, this could be considered a posting, which is subject to its own rules. In the context of a posting, you are still covered by health insurance in your home country and pay social security contributions there. As proof of insurance, you must apply for the so-called "A1" form from your health insurance before the posting and then always carry it with you in Spain. The posting to Spain can last up to two years and must be reported to the Spanish authorities.
There are also 12 national bank holidays and two local bank holidays per year. Workers are also entitled to 15 days for marriage, and 16 continuous weeks in the event of maternity, adoption or fostering . Some companies provide an application form for their positions, although the most widely-used practise is to submit the CV and a cover letter to the company. This can be done as a reply to an offer or an ad in the media, and also by just submitting a spontaneous candidacy.

In our catalogue, we have customized packs of boxes for removals, rolls of sealing material and bubble wrap, for those items that are more fragile. We also have Kraft paper boxes, which provide greater security, so that your belongings are well protected. For this reason, we offer you boxes of varying sizes so that you can store all your belongings in the same place and so that they are not damaged in any way during the move or when they are stored in the furniture repository. We have different sizes of boxes, as well as wardrobes for clothes, in order to make moving home as easy as possible and to adapt to your needs. Regardless of where you come from or where you are going, we will always find the best deal for your move, bearing in mind your budget. If you live on a high floor or if there is little room to move your belongings down through the communal areas, we have a lifting platform service available to avoid disturbing your neighbours and damaging your furniture, or if you have a special move.
You would need around €1,500 per month to live in Spain at a basic or average level. This amount is calculated for one person and includes food, housing, basic services , transportation, clothing and entertainment. A professional’s monthly salary depends on factors such as age, academic level, job classification, social benefits provided by the employer and other factors.

Depending on the specific type, these can have a duration of up to 5 years. The residence card is valid for five years from the date of issue or for the period requested if it is less than five years. After the five years, an application for recognition of a permanent right of residence can be submitted. You must apply for inscription within 3 months of entering Spain at the immigration office of the Spanish province where you intend to reside or settle .
A worker may not have a workday exceeding 9 hours, unless by Collective Negotiation Agreement or by agreement between the company and workers’ representatives it is agreed otherwise and the periods of rest are observed. Personal contacts and relationships are also very useful when seeking employment. If you have friends or family in Spain, it would be good to tell them that you are looking for a job, because many vacancies are filled through this type of contacts and references. There are also companies specialising in human resource selection, that usually use ads in companies and on social media to find candidates. All you need to show when entering Spain is a valid identification document or passport. You may remain for three months to look for a job or to set up a business for yourself.
The company is afraid that the expat and family members do not adapt well to the host country and the challenges of their new life. That is why count with professionals that ensure the success of the Relocation processes of our expatriates, supporting companies and individuals on everything they need is a distinguishing feature of the company " Best in class ". We know that an office removal can be complicated, which is why you should always leave this type of job in the hands of companies that specialize in business removals, such as us. The price will depend on the amount of space you need and the duration of the contract. In addition, we have 24-hour security so that the belongings you leave in our furniture storage or storage rooms are always safe and protected.

Website where you can check information on mobility and a database on job offers, as well as the possibility to upload a CV. Anyone over 16 can register with the public employment services by presenting their current identification document or passport, provided that they have a physical address. The Spanish employment services, both of the state and autonomous communities, have a network of offices whose services can be accessed freely and without charge by all citizens. Family members of a community citizen who do not have the nationality of a member state may reside in Spain for a period exceeding three months.
He communicated wonderfully and was very patient answering all my questions.After we closed the purchase David oversaw fixing the apartment up and handled everything while we were 4,000+ miles away. Everytime we hit a bump he was there to handle it and make sure everything kept moving.About 6 months later we decided to redo the entire kitchen and he oversaw everything again. It took about 6 weeks and he oversaw everything and did an amazing job. You should request a Building Survey or Technical Inspection when you consider it necessary, which will probably be the majority of the time. Inspection reports may also be needed when an Insurance Company considers insuring the property. 64 properties worth more than 14 million euros have also been blocked and 30 vehicles have been seized and another 23 seized.

He will carry out translation work, not only moving the language, but making the meanings clearer according to your context and country. We will contact you briefly to organize all the info of your project and start with a personalized proposal. If you are planning to work from home in Spain in the future, it is always advisable to involve your employer in your plans as early as possible and to seek appropriate advice. The main advantage is the flat-rate taxation of the wage income up to €600,000 at 24% (45% for income above this amount).
There may also be some duties and taxes certain items have to pay if arriving from outside the European Union, so make sure to keep up to date with these. Eurosender provides a door-to-door courier service for anywhere in Spain and to almost any destination in Europe. You will need to book this service online, rather than relying on a physical drop-off point, however, this empresa de mudanzas en valencia does mean less of a hassle to move the items yourself. Eurosender offers services for both shipping to Spain and from Spain and, like DHL, price by weight. There are various types of residency permit, some are easier to obtain than the others. Depending on your country of origin and your residency at the moment of application conditions and requirements might vary.

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